Hunting User Service Agreement

Version: 2019 2nd Edition

Updated on: November 7, 2019

Effective date: November 15, 2019

注册成为猎聘用户 You are welcome to register as a recruiting user ! 同道精英(天津)信息技 术有限公司、万仕道(北京)管理咨询股份有限公司 以下简称“猎聘”或者“我们” 和您签订。 The Hunting User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is made by Tongdao Elite (Tianjin) Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wanshidao (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as "hunting or" ) You sign.



猎聘用户协议的确认 Article 1 Confirmation of Hunting User Agreement

您在 注册、登陆使用 猎聘提供的各项服务之前,请您仔细阅读并理解 本协议 全部内容,做出您认为适当的选择。 1. Before you register and log in to use the services provided by Hunting, please read and understand the entire content of this agreement carefully , and make the choices you deem appropriate. 协议 中与您的权益存在重大关系的条款,采用粗体字进行标注以提示您注意。 We endeavor to use plain, easy-to-understand, plain language, and at the same time , the terms that have a significant relationship with your rights and interests in this agreement are marked in bold to remind you of your attention. When you click "register" or "login" or confirm by other means, you have carefully read and fully understand and agree to all the terms under this agreement .

如果我们对本协议进行修改,我们将在猎聘网站(hy-sheji.com\www.liepin.cn)提前予以公布,更变公示期(7日)届满时生效。 2. If we modify this agreement, we will announce it in advance on the hunting website (hy-sheji.com \ www.liepin.cn), and it will take effect when the change announcement period (7th) expires. If you do not agree with the revised agreement, you have the right to stop using the hunting service or cancel your hunting account; if both parties agree, you can also change the content of the agreement separately . If you continue to “login” or confirm by other means, and use the services provided by Hunting, you have read and fully understood and agreed to the revised agreement .


账户 的注册、使用、注销 Article 2 Account Registration, Use and Cancellation

在您开始注册使用猎聘服务前,您应当具备中华人民共和国法律规定的与您的行为 相适应的民事行为能力 1. Before you start to register for hunting and recruiting services, you should have the capacity for civil conduct that is compatible with your behavior as required by the laws of the People's Republic of China .

同意本协议的全部条款并按照 登陆 页面上的提示 提供 您本人真实、准确、有效信息 完成全部注册程序后 才能成为猎聘用户。 2. You can become a hunting user only after you agree to all the terms of this agreement and provide you with real, accurate and valid information and complete all registration procedures in accordance with the instructions on the landing page . hy-sheji.com\www.liepin.cn、猎聘APP )为猎聘用户提供网络服务。 We provide online services for hunting and recruiting users through the hunting and recruiting platform (hunting and recruiting website hy-sheji.com \ www.liepin.cn, hunting and seeking APP ).

如果您是求职用户,建议您尽量完善和公开您的简历信息以更好进行求职。 (1) If you are a job-seeking user, it is recommended that you complete and disclose your resume information as much as possible to better apply for a job. 您同意在您选择公开简历时, 在您选择公开简历范围的猎聘用户可以付费下载您的简历以获取您填写的联系方式 If you agree that when you choose a public resume, the hunters who choose the scope of your public resume can download your resume for a fee to get the contact information you filled in .

如果您是招聘用户,您需要完成 实名认证并关联用人单位 ,保证该为职务行为后,才能使用猎聘提供的招聘服务。 (2) If you are a recruiting user, you need to complete real-name certification and associate with the employer to ensure that it is a job behavior before you can use the recruitment services provided by hunting and recruiting. In order to ensure the safe operation of the platform and the authenticity and effectiveness of the recruitment information, we periodically or irregularly check the recruited users who have passed certification to verify the authenticity and validity of the certification information. If during the verification process it is found that the information provided by the recruiting user does not meet the requirements or is false or invalid, we have the right to adopt platforms including, but not limited to, deduction of resources, restriction of login, suspension of use, termination of cooperation, permanent banning of accounts, etc. Control measures .

您应妥善保证自己的 帐号和密码, 应当对以其账户进行的所有活动和事件负法律责任。 3. You should properly ensure your account number and password, and you shall be legally responsible for all activities and events performed with your account. If you are an enterprise user, you are jointly and severally liable for all actions of the individual users associated with it after authentication.

您在 使用猎聘网络存储平台 和/或 享受猎聘提供的服务 过程中 应当遵守国家法律法规以及 所有与猎聘服务有关的网络协议、规定 、产品规则或 程序 ,不得有下列任何行为,否则猎聘有权不通知您自行采取措施,包括但不限于删除用户发布的内容,限制、暂停用户使用,或终止合作永久封禁账户等措施 4. In the process of using hunting and recruiting network storage platform and / or enjoying the services provided by hunting and recruiting , you should abide by national laws and regulations and all network agreements, regulations , product rules or procedures related to hunting and recruiting services , and you must not have any of the following actions , Otherwise, Hiring has the right to take measures without notice, including but not limited to deleting user-published content, restricting, suspending user use, or terminating cooperation to permanently ban accounts :

提供虚假信息注册的(包括但不限于冒充其他人、单位)或者仿冒、混淆他人账号对外展示名称、头像或者发布让人容易产生混淆、误解的内容的行为; (1) Acts that provide registration of false information (including but not limited to impersonating other people or units) or impersonating or obfuscating other people's accounts to display names, avatars, or posting content that is likely to cause confusion or misunderstanding;

在猎聘平台上骚扰、辱骂、歧视、威胁他人或存在其他不正当行为; (2) Harassing, abusing, discriminating, threatening others or having other improper behaviors on the hunting platform;

通过任何技术手段侵入我们的软件、网站、数据库等系统或者干扰猎聘产品和/或服务正常运行的; (3) Invading our software, website, database and other systems or interfering with the normal operation of hunting products and / or services through any technical means;

侵犯 猎聘或 第三方的专利权、著作权、商标权、名誉权或其他任何合法权益 的行为 (4) Acts that infringe on the patent, copyright, trademark, reputation, or any other legal rights of hunters or third parties ;

未经猎聘许可,在 猎聘 平台发布 广告 或营销行为 (5) Advertising or marketing activities on hunting and recruiting platforms without permission of hunting and recruiting ;

利用猎聘 平台 发布 传输 任何新闻信息,包括但不限于有关政治、经济、军事、外交等社会公共事务的报道、评论,以及有关社会突发事件的报道、评论 (6) Use the hunting and recruiting platform to release and transmit any news information, including but not limited to reports and comments on political, economic, military, diplomatic and other social and public affairs, and reports and comments on social emergencies ;

其他违反国家法律法规以及 所有与猎聘服务有关的网络协议、规定 、产品规则或 程序 的行为。 (7) Other acts that violate national laws and regulations and all network agreements, regulations , product rules or procedures related to hunting and recruiting services .

招聘用户 还需遵守猎聘公布 《信用分规则》 、《 职位发布规则 5. Recruiting users also need to abide by the "Credit Sub-rules" and " Posting Rules " published by Hunting and Recruiting .

您在 与猎聘上公布信息的个人或公司沟通 ,保证在猎聘平台上进行 6. When you communicate with the person or company that announced the information on hunting and recruiting, you are guaranteed to do so on the hunting and recruiting platform .

知晓并同意 拨打猎聘电话 均可能会被录音,猎聘电话包括但不限于客服电话、销售电话等。 7. You know and agree that you may be recorded when you call a hunting call , including but not limited to customer service calls, sales calls, and so on.

在猎聘发布的职位信息具有效期 ,猎聘有权下线有效期届满的职位信息 8. The post information you have posted in hunting and recruiting has a validity period , and hunting and recruiting has the right to expire the job information that has expired .

您购买或者猎聘赠送的 线上 服务和/或资源 均有有效期,有效期结束后线上 服务和/或资源 自动清零 服务权限降低 ,资源有效期不可中断或延期,猎聘其他服务条款或优惠活动另有规定的除外。 9. The online services and / or resources that you purchase or hunt for gifts have a validity period. After the validity period ends, the online services and / or resources are automatically cleared and the service authority is reduced . The validity period of the resources cannot be interrupted or extended. Other terms of hunting and recruitment Or other special offers.

猎聘有权拒绝为与本单位经营同类业务、有业务竞争关系或者其他利害关系的单位及个人提供服务 10. Hunting and hiring has the right to refuse to provide services to units and individuals that operate similar businesses with the unit, have business competition relationships, or have other interests .

用户接受以 其注册的电子邮件地址接受猎聘发送的邮件或其他邮件资料,若希望"退订"这些邮件资料,可点击电子邮件中的退订链接退订 11. The user accepts the emails or other mail materials sent by Hunting with his registered email address. If he wants to "unsubscribe" these email materials, he can click the unsubscribe link in the email to unsubscribe .

您可以拨打我们的客户服务热线 400-6212-266,向我们申请注销 猎聘账户, 我们的客服将协助您进行注销。 12. You can call our customer service hotline 400-6212-266 to apply for cancellation of your hunting account, and our customer service will assist you in canceling it. After canceling your account, we will stop providing you with all products and services, and delete your personal information according to your requirements, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations.


用户 承诺 Article 3 User Commitment

遵守中华人民共和国相关法律法规 所居住或者开展经营活动或者业务国家或者地区的法律法规,不得将我们的 网络存储平台 和/或 服务用于非法目的,不也得以非法方式使用我们的 网络存储平台 和/或 服务。 1. You shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the laws and regulations of the country or region in which you live or conduct business activities, or do not use our network storage platform and / or services for illegal purposes or use us illegally. Network storage platform and / or service.

您承诺在注册或者认证过程中,提供的资料合法、真实、有效。 2. You promise that during the registration or certification process, the information provided is legal, authentic and valid. 提交的资料 有任何变动,应该及时、准确更新。 If there is any change in the information submitted , it should be updated in a timely and accurate manner. If the information submitted is not true or updated in a timely manner, you should bear the corresponding responsibility.

您承诺在猎聘上传、发表、转载或者传输的内容合法、真实、有效, 不得夸张描述或编造虚假信息 ,并对内容承担全部责任。 3. You promise that the content uploaded, published, reprinted or transmitted during hunting and recruitment is legal, authentic and valid, you shall not exaggerate describe or fabricate false information , and bear full responsibility for the content. 不得在猎聘的任何页面发布 、转载、传送含有下列 任何 内容的信息, 否则猎聘有权不通知您自行采取措施,包括但不限于删除用户发布的内容,限制、暂停使用,或终止合作永久封禁账户等措施 You must not post , reprint, or transmit information on any of the pages of Hunting , or it will have the right to take action without notice, including but not limited to deleting user-posted content, limiting, suspending use, or terminating cooperation Measures such as permanently banning accounts :

违反宪法确定的基本原则的; (1) Violating the basic principles established by the Constitution;

危害国家安全,泄漏国家机密,颠覆国家政权,破坏国家统一的 (2) Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity ;

损害国家荣誉和利益的 (3) Damage to national honor and interests ;

煽动民族仇恨、民族歧视,破坏民族团结的 (4) Incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermine ethnic unity ;

破坏国家宗教政策,宣扬邪教和封建迷信的; (5) Those who undermine the country's religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstitions;

散布谣言,扰乱社会秩序,破坏社会稳定的; (6) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order and disrupting social stability;

散布淫秽、色情、赌博、暴力、恐怖或者教唆犯罪的; (7) Disseminate obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigate crimes;

侮辱或者诽谤他人,侵害他人合法权益的; (8) Insulting or slandering others, and infringing on the legal rights and interests of others;

煽动非法集会、结社、游行、示威、聚众扰乱社会秩序的; (9) Inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration, gathering of people to disturb social order;

含有歧视内容的 ,如民族歧视、地域歧视 性别歧视、宗教歧视 等; (10) Contains discriminatory content , such as ethnic discrimination, geographical discrimination , gender discrimination, religious discrimination, etc .;

虚假、胁迫、猥亵、骚扰、中伤、粗俗、侵害他人隐私或其他有悖道德、令人反感的内容; (11) false, intimidating, obscene, harassing, slanderous, vulgar, infringing on the privacy of others or other unethical and offensive content;

含有其他违法违规 违反《职位发布规则》 、违背善良风俗内容的 内容 (12) Contains other content that violates laws and regulations , violates the Post Distribution Rules , and violates good customs .  


用户违规行为的处理 Article 4 Treatment of user violations

如违反使 法律法规或本协议中的第二条、第三条任一条款的 ,猎聘有权要求改正或直接采取一切必要的措施。 1. If you violate any of the provisions of the laws and regulations or Articles 2 and 3 of this agreement , the hunter shall have the right to request correction or directly take all necessary measures. Necessary measures include, but are not limited to, deleting content posted by users, suspending or terminating users' use of hunting services. ,则同步 清零,资源、人选信息等不予退还 The fees paid by the users who have been terminated from using the hunting service will not be refunded. If there are resources such as gold coins, hunting coins, and user levels in their accounts , they will be cleared at the same time, and resources and candidate information will not be refunded .

猎聘公布 《信用分规则》 、《 职位发布规则 》, 根据对应规则进行处理 2. Recruiting users violated the "Credit Score Rules" and " Posting Rules " for hunting and hiring , and dealt with according to corresponding rules .

用户如违反法律法规或本协议约定,导致猎聘或其关联公司遭受损失(损失包括但不限于直接经济损失、行政 罚款 、维权成本),用户应 赔偿 猎聘或其关联公司 的全部损失 3. If the user violates laws and regulations or this agreement, causing hunting or its affiliated companies to suffer losses (including but not limited to direct economic losses, administrative fines , rights maintenance costs), the user shall compensate for all losses of hunting or affiliated companies . .

猎聘未行使或延迟行使其在本协议权利并不构成对这些权利的放弃,单独或部分行使其在本协议项下的任何权利不妨碍任何其它权利的行使。 4. Failure to exercise or delay the exercise of its rights under this agreement does not constitute a waiver of these rights, and the exercise of any of its rights under this agreement, alone or in part, does not prevent the exercise of any other rights. At any time, Lihun has the right to require users to continue to perform their obligations and bear corresponding liabilities for breach of contract.


用户的个人信息保护 Article 5 Protection of personal information of users

We value the protection of your information, please see the Privacy Policy for details.


版权声明 Article 6 copyright notice

特有的标识、版面设计、编排方式等知识产权均属猎聘享有,未经猎聘许可,不得任意复制 转载 或使用 Intellectual property rights such as logos, layouts, and layout methods unique to our platform are owned by hunters and hirers, and may not be copied , reproduced, or used without permission .


Article 7     Force Majeure and Disclaimer

不可抗力造成的 猎聘无法为用户提供服务的,猎聘不承担任何法律责任 不可抗力包括但不限于: 政府行为、自然灾害、战争、罢工、电脑病毒、黑客攻击、电信管理部门因技术调整导致网络中断等。 1. Hunting and recruiting cannot provide users with services due to force majeure . Hunting and recruitment does not bear any legal responsibility . Force majeure includes but is not limited to: government actions, natural disasters, war, strikes, computer viruses, hacking attacks, telecommunications management departments Technical adjustments caused network outages, etc.

用户 理解 猎聘无法保证网络服务任何条件 下均 不会中断,故 猎聘对 网络服务的及时性、安全性、准确性不作担保。 2. The user understands that hunting and recruiting cannot guarantee that the network service will not be interrupted under any conditions , so hunting and recruiting does not guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of network services. At the same time, hunting and exempting the server from viruses and other failures. 应做好数据备份,若 发生使用本 平台 时的数据丢失的情况,猎聘免责。 The user should make a backup of the data. In case of data loss when using this platform , hunting and hiring shall be exempted.

猎聘不能保证某一招聘信息会有一定数量的用户来浏览,也不能保证会有一位特定的用户来浏览。 3. Hunting cannot guarantee that a certain number of users will browse a certain recruitment information, nor can it guarantee that a specific user will browse. Recruitment does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of all information, text, graphics, links and other items, so it is for reference only.

用户承担通过猎聘登录到其他站点而形成的全部风险。 4. The user bears all the risks formed by hunting and logging in to other sites. 了解 通过猎聘 之外 其他个人 及用户的沟通 不在 猎聘控制范围内,其 独立承担相应的后果。 At the same time, it is understood that communication with other individuals and users through hunting and recruiting is not under the control of hunting and recruiting, and it independently bears the corresponding consequences. 平台服务,故 不担保用户发送给另一方用户的资料的真实性、精确性与可靠性。 Lihun provides platform services, so it does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and reliability of the information that users send to users of the other party.

猎聘提供平台服务,任何透过猎聘发布的招聘信息及其他产品或者服务均系用户自行发布,因 其发布行为产生的法律后果由发布人承担 ;用户在通过猎聘得到资讯和信息后,与信息发布方所进行的任何交易均系其双方自主交易,双方若发生纠纷,皆与猎聘无关,猎聘不承担任何法律责任。 5. Hunting provides platform services. Any recruitment information and other products or services released through hunting are released by users themselves. The legal consequences of their publishing behavior are borne by the publishers ; users get information and information through hunting Later, any transaction with the information issuer is an independent transaction between the two parties. If any dispute occurs between the two parties, it is not related to hunting and employment, and hunting and employment does not bear any legal responsibility.


Article 8     Notice, delivery

猎聘对于用户所有的通知均可通过【推送通知、电子邮件、短信、公告】 该等通知于发送之日视为已送达收件人。 1. All notifications of users can be sent through [Push Notifications, Email, SMS, Announcements] . Such notifications are deemed to have been delivered to the recipients on the day they are sent.

用户对于猎聘的通知应当通过猎聘如下正式公布的通信地址、电子邮件地址等联系信息进行送达。 2. The user's notice of hunting and recruitment shall be delivered through the contact information and email address officially announced by hunting and recruitment as follows.

、猎聘的联系信息 3. Contact information for hunting and recruiting

34 号融新科技中心 C 8 Address: 8th Floor, Block C , Rongxin Technology Center, No. 34 Chuangyuan Road , Laiguangying, Chaoyang District, Beijing
400-6212-266 Phone: 400-6212-266
service100@hy-sheji.com Email: service100@hy-sheji.com


Article 9     Application of law, jurisdiction and other

、本协议之订立、生效、解释、修订、补充、终止、执行与争议解决均适用中华人民共和国大陆地区法律;如法律无相关规定的,参照商业惯例及 / 或行业惯例。 1. The conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, amendment, supplement, termination, execution and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People ’s Republic of China; if there are no relevant provisions in the law, reference shall be made to commercial practices and / or industry practices.

、如双方就本协议内容或其执行发生任何争议,双方应尽量友好协商解决;协商不成时,任何一方均可向猎聘所在地的人民法院提起诉讼。 2. If there is any dispute between the two parties regarding the content of this agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall try their best to resolve the issue through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court in the place where the hunter is employed.

、本协议任一条款被视为废止、无效或不可执行,该条应视为可分的且并不影响本协议其余条款的有效性及可执行性。 3. Any clause of this agreement is deemed to be abolished, invalid or unenforceable, and this clause shall be deemed separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses of this agreement.